Print-on-Demand Helps Beginning Businesses Make Their Way Into the Marketplace

Print-on-Demand with VIDA

When I first began exploring how to take my new patterns and print them on fabric I researched printing them myself but the investment in the machinery and the time it would take to print would mean I would be doing more production than being creative. Luckily there are a number of print-on-demand printers who gladly take on that role.

I stumbled onto VIDA while I was in the DeYoung Museum gift store. They were selling beautifully printed scarves and other textile gifts printed at VIDA. I loved the quality and the feel of the fabrics and thought that the price point was pretty fair. When I went online to learn more I was impressed with VIDA's mission and vision:

  • "VIDA is a hub for creative individuals to design unexpected, one of a kind pieces that are brought into the world sustainably and ethically."
  • "We are using innovations in design and technology to collapse the distances between designers, artists and producers from around the globe."

During the pandemic they ramped up their factories, donating masks and a percentage of profits to organizations in need.

I am so happy to be an artist-partner working with VIDA as a way to convert my design vision into real products. You can link to my VIDA STUDIO from the Scarves section of my website or the link below. I've uploaded a lot of patterns and each is available in six different fabrics: natural cotton, modal, a cashmere/silk blend, 100% cashmere, recycled polyester and spandex, and a luscious merino wool. Since this is print on demand, your product isn't made until it is ordered. 

Visit my new studio at VIDA:  You can take 10% off with the code: MYART2021-10
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