These Surface Patterns are Photographs

About seven years ago I started taking pictures with the kaleidoscope app than came on my iPad. My husband won this iPad Mini as a door prize at a professional organization he attends and he gave it to me to explore. He had no idea just what that generosity would turn into.

The first photos I took were of an hydrangea bush through the kaleidoscope and it was startling. I loved the color and the texture of the flowers but the additional abstraction that the kaleidoscope made was another level of beauty and wonder.

It took me a while to figure out how to make these geometric images into repeating patterns but once I figured out the secret, I could take the photos with the intention of making patterns that repeated seamlessly and indefinitely. A repeating pattern is just what is needed to make patterns on cloth. Whether the cloth is 6 inches across or 56 inches, my patterns will repeat.

The most important part of this story is that this is my unique vision. Many surface pattern designers draw, paint, or make prints to create their images and there is absolutely nothing wrong with these techniques. I, however, am a photographer. I am mesmerized by photography's ability to capture snippets of the texture and the color of the world around me. It is incredibly exciting and satisfying to be able to create photo-patterns that I can share as scarves, cards, and wallpaper as well as a framed print! 

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